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I welcome you to visit my home studio open during the summer months in Dulce, New Mexico.
Highway 64 on Meadow Drive, The sign is visible from highway 64, 505-330-9037.

Other places to see my work in Dulce are located at the Best Western Jicarilla Inn gift Shop, Jicarilla Shopping Center, Jicarilla Apache Arts and Crafts, and the Cultural Center.

Other times I display my pottery are during most major Pueblo feast days and Major Indian Art Shows throughout the Southwest.

Upcoming pottery classes open to the public will be held this summer at, the Mandala Center, Des Moines, New Mexico.

Upcoming pottery classes to all community youth members of Dulce, Ages 8-18

- June, 22 - 27 2009

- July, 27 - 31 2009

Sign up at the JOM office, at the Community Education Building in Dulce. ** No Fee **

Upcoming Pottery Shows:
Native Treasures Indian Arts Festival - Santa Fe

June 4, 2009

2009 SWAIA Honoring Reception, Buffalo Thunder Resort & Casino

Shelden Nunez-Velarde, 1 of 5 recipients of the SWAIA Artist Fellowship Award

June 27 & 28, 2009
Life at Chimney Rock Festival of Native Art & Culture. Chimney Rock Ruins,
Near Pagosa Springs Colorado

August 22 & 23, 2009
Santa Fe Indian Market
Sannta Fe, New Mexico

September 5 & 6, 2009
Third Annual Chama Valley Studio Tours
Chama, New Mexico

Shelden Nunez-Velarde
P.O. Box 974
Dulce, New Mexco 87528
(505) 330-9037


I want to thank my relatives, The Julians, The Paiz, and the Montoya families for trusting me and taking photographs of great, great, great grandmas's pottery for the Museum page of the Website.

I also want to thank Ty Vicenti and Naa Hii, for letting me use their music on the Website.

"Iheedn" , ( Thank You. )

Gojjiya Harvest Ceremony:
I invite you to visit our annual Gojjiya Thanksgiving feast day, Sept 14 & 15, with traditional footraces, between the Ollero and Llanero clan's arts and crafts, and various dances.

Photo: Present Jicarilla Apache encampment at Gojiiya Feast.

Photo: Symbol, Flag of the Jicarilla Apache "Olleros" Clan.

Photo: Jicarilla Apache Llanero clan encampment symbolized with red streamers.

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